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UltraSieve III Gravity fed sieve filter
The most compact, gravity fed, sieve filter with the highest pump capacity. For years this has been the leading and most reliable pre-filter for professional koi ponds. Now supplied with an extra large waste outlet, including a 3" slide valve.

How it works
Pond water will flow over the top of the self-adjusting weir. This weir is connected to the float so its height is automatically adjusted. This system will ensure that the exact amount of water that is pumped out the filter will enter the filter on the inlet. Underneath the screen the unit has stabilizers to prevent expansion when the unit, accidentally, totally fills with water. The UltraSieve III comes with a pump connection of a 2" male threaded adaptor. The waste outlet is fitted with a 3" slide valve. The pump connection comes with a long suction pipe which draws the water from under the float to prevent air suction.

UltraSieve III:

Twin inlets (4inch).

Multiple inlets possible.

Patented flow regulation.
Extra large waste outlet, incl. 3" slide valve.
Strong polypropylene house.
Improved edges around sieve.
Maximum flow of 7900 gph
Screen: 300 micron.