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Bag O' Barley - 100% Certified Barley Straw! The SAFE and ORGANIC approach to a crystal clean pond.

You should apply barley straw in the early spring prior to the growing season and into the fall to protect your pond over the winter months.

Bag O' Barley is loosely packed for the best flow of water possible, and therefore the best results for the pond owner.


  • Remove mesh- filled bag from outer wrap. Place bag in return portion of the bio-filter and/or anywhere in the pond where good water flow and current occur. Sunlight and water flow are crucial elements in the decomposition process. Make sure you use both elements in choosing the location for your bag(s) to be placed.
  • Float on the water's surface, or weight down underwater (using a rock). Barley straw should be used in conjunction with an adequate mechanical / biological filtration system.
  • If you have large amounts of string algae in your pond, remove it by hand prior to treating your pond.
  • Always have multiple bags decomposing to insure the highest level of barley bacteria possible.

Place bag(s) in desired area - two to three weeks later place a second bag(s) in desired area - two to three weeks later replace the first bag(s) with a new bag(s). Continue this alternating process every three weeks throughout your ponding season, ensuring you will always have decomposing barley bacteria.